Our process guides us
toward your goals

We believe that two elements are essential when building and managing your unique investment portfolio – sound wisdom and dynamic skill. We’re creating a vessel designed to take you from the life you enjoy today to the future you’ve envisioned, and that vessel must be solid enough to endure and nimble enough to adapt.

Following a strategic, hands-on investment planning and wealth management process, we will work with you to design a portfolio to your unique specifications and then help you “steer” it – navigating the course and responding to changing conditions alongside you.


Our process begins with a discussion – we will ask about your investing experience and learn about your expectations for returns, your comfort with risk and your current portfolio.


Based on what we learn about you and your goals, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the current financial markets – the opportunities and the headwinds.


After surveying the financial climate and your available options, we will design a customized investment portfolio, present you with our recommendations and, with your approval, invest.


Moving forward, we will carefully and consistently monitor your portfolio's progress to ensure that it adapts to changes in the markets and in your life.